Why Body Balance® is Unique

Body Balance delivers fresh vitality to your body from the most ancient, nutrient-dense plants on the planet in one delicious product, safe for the whole family to enjoy.

No matter how much fresh produce we eat modern science proves over and again that our bodies remain depleted of vital nutrients. Life Force®’s flagship product, Body Balance, establishes foundational wellness that packs a powerful nutrient boost to fuel you through each day. Body Balance is the first, and only product to deliver SeaNine™, a proprietary blend of nine wild sea vegetables. Blended with organically grown and processed Aloe vera this product combines proven scientific research with time-tested holistic remedies used for thousands of years.

Every ingredient is inspected and tested with intense detail, from sustainable harvesting to fresh production at our 100,000 square foot (Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)) compliant facility. Life Force ensures that quality and potency are monitored at each step from land and sea to the products delivered fresh to your door by controlling our manufacturing processes and schedule. With Life Force you never need to wonder again about the safety and quality of the products that you provide to support your family’s health.

How people consume nutrition greatly affects how consistently they maintain a supplement regimen. At Life Force, our philosophy advances the idea that living healthy should be a pleasurable experience. Let’s face it, no one wants to sort through and struggle to swallow a variety of large pills every day – especially children! We make ‘healthy’ simple for you. Our liquid blend and powdered “on the go” blend make Body Balance easy and pleasurable to take no matter where you are. Plus, one product serves the needs of all! Everyone from the age of one year old to 100 can safely consume and benefit from this one potent and delicious product.

Short summary of what to expect from Body Balance

Every customer is guaranteed the same incredible experience with Body Balance —- unmatched flavor and premium nutritional support. The final product boasts:

  • Potent nutrition from land and sea
  • A proprietary blend – unique among all supplements
  • Easy consumption – no pills to swallow
  • A product unrivaled in freshness and quality
  • A delicious product perfect for people of all ages
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