Using the Phone Resources

Do you like talking on the phone? Do you love the convenience of your cell phone? The advancement of mobile phone technology has made it easier than ever to take advantage of the GotMy3 program. This pivotal tool has stood the test of time and can be your pathway to sharing the good news of free Body Balance® and GotMy3. In today’s society, you can contact anyone almost anywhere as people use their phones to email, post on Facebook, maintain appointments, and keep up with their friends and family.

The resources we provide will show you how to use the phone to tell people about the amazing health benefits of Body Balance and get your Spark Pack(s) free. We will explain tools you can use with the person who introduced you to Life Force® to maximize the GotMy3 program. Tools like 3-way calling, GotMy3 sizzle calls, and conference calls. Review the list of resources options below that will help you to take full advantage of this age-old technology that’s never been more relevant.

Phone resources you will have access to:

  • Sizzle Call
  • Text Messaging
  • Conference Call
  • 3-Way Call
  • 1-on-1 Phone Scripts

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