Using the In-Person Resources

One of the best methods to take advantage of the GotMy3 program and get your Spark Pack(s) free is simply by talking with people face to face. Connecting with people in person allows you to look into their eyes, see their facial expressions, and take in their body language.

We want you to feel natural and comfortable sharing the benefits of Body Balance and the extraordinary GotMy3 program with the people who trust your recommendation. It’s like telling a friend or co-worker about a good book or your favorite restaurant. These resources will help you feel confident talking to anyone about one of the best kept secrets in the world – Body Balance. We’ll give you examples of what to say when you meet someone one-on-one, how to hold a powerful in-home meeting, and how to work with the person who introduced you to Life Force® to help get your Spark Pack(s) free and help others do the same through the GotMy3 program. Get started right now!

In-Person resources you will have access to:

  • 1-on-1 Meeting Script
  • Home Meeting Details
  • Local Area Meeting
  • Upline Support

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