Get Mine Free with GotMy3

We all know about the plummeting global health statistics and understand how the current economic crisis forces families to make difficult sacrifices. However, we feel that you should never have to choose between your family’s budget and your wellness — and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

How does FREE sound to you? If you want to experience the incredible power of Body Balance® and our BENew™ Product range and find out how easy it is to get it FREE month after month after month, watch this short video to see just how achievable the GotMy3 program really is!

Think Back

Think back to the last time you recommended a movie or restaurant. You likely never received any reward for that recommendation. That’s where Life Force® differs. We feel that our Customers and Members deserve better treatment than other companies offer. We not only provide state-of-the-art nutritional products to improve your health, we also reward you by giving it to you for free when you refer three others to support their own health with Body Balance or BENew™. Plus, you get to offer them the same opportunity to get their product free. What friend or family member wouldn’t thank you for that?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a current Life Force Customer, or brand new to Life Force, this program works for everyone! It’s simple, fun, generous, powerfully supports your health, and fits your budget perfectly.

Experience GotMy3 in three easy steps:
  1. Order at least one Spark Pack on Autoship. Order online or submit Registration & Order form.
  2. Tell your enroller (the person who referred you to Life Force®) that you want their help getting your Spark Packs free
  3. Refer 3 Customers = yours is free!

New Zealand Registration Form

Australian Registration Form

*Only Spark Packs are eligible for the GotMy3 program. Additionally, all Customers must pay for their first month’s order through our simple Autoship program. In any future months that a GotMy3 program participant has a minimum of three (3) personally-enrolled Customers that participant will receive their Spark Pack free.

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