Current Members – Want Your Business to Take Off?

Want to find out how the GotMy3 program can help grow your income and help everyone you know receive free Body Balance®? These three short videos will help you learn what the program is all about, how it creates a perpetual lead source for you, and why adopting it will help your Life Force® business take off.

Video 1 – How the GotMy3 Program Works

Learn the easy three steps that you, your Members and your Customers can take towards earning free Body Balance with GotMy3. Here at Life Force, we don’t want any budgetary roadblocks to get in the way of people getting their Body Balance and living the life of their dreams. Watch and see how simple this program really is.


Video 2 – See How GotMy3 Creates Perpetual Lead Sources

We all want to generate quality leads – a list of people interested in earning extra income, starting a home-based business, or improving and maintaining good health. GotMy3 creates a lead generation engine to provide a never-ending stream of qualified leads. Find out how!


Video 3 – Your Business Takes Off

Customers referring Customers develops a solid recruiting culture throughout your Life Force organization. See how GotMy3 works to generate a large recruiting pool you can dip into and grow your team and income like never before. GotMy3 rewards everyone, even Customers, for introducing new people to Body Balance. Learn how your next great business builder could just be your best Customer.

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