Our Story

It all began in 1984, when Life Force® International co-founder, Gerri Hillman, began to feel exhausted and suffer frequent headaches. This continued until it ultimately left her unable to care for her young family. When conventional medicine failed to offer relief, her husband, Wayne, desperately searched for an alternative to help his wife. He experimented with different ingredients until hitting on a winning formula, combining nine varieties of wild sea vegetables and Aloe vera. After drinking this combination for just a short time, Gerri started to “feel life coming back” into her body. That event signaled to the Hillmans that there may be millions of others who needed a higher grade alternative wellness solution. It was then that Body Balance was born.

The prospect of sharing their discovery to help others enjoy healthier lives seemed like the perfect way to make their contribution to a better world. Soon, their sharing this product led to over 6,000 healthcare professionals recommending Body Balance to their patients. They realized that they had to find a way to take this amazing product directly to the people who needed it most. This led them to consider word-of-mouth marketing methods to take Body Balances directly to the masses.

Wayne, together with his wife Gerri, and their daughter, Marjorie, identified direct selling to be the perfect business model for a company founded on such altruistic principles and a product technology with huge potential but with very little public awareness. Word-of-mouth marketing, or “network marketing” created a way for Body Balance to not only promote good health, but also help others share in the financial success that the company rapidly experienced. Body Balance, combined with a desire to share powerful wellness and financial benefits with others, was an instant success!

Now, after nearly three decades of empowering and serving people just like you, Life Force International has passed the biggest business test of all – the test of time!  Life Force has operations in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and its world headquarters in the United States. Wayne, Gerri, and Marjorie continue to expand and provide for new opportunities like the GotMy3 program to make it easier for others to shareLife Force and Body Balance. With 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, manufacturing and distribution facilities and top-flight management team,Life Force now stands poised to make Body Balance a worldwide phenomenon and household brand. Recent marketing opportunities position Life Force and our members to take part in a very bright future. We sincerely hope that you will join forces with us as we take our message and technologies to greater heights and our company enjoys meteoric growth by changing lives around the world.

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