Life ForceĀ®: Mission and Values

The Hillman family founded Life ForceĀ® on a philosophy that is both grand and simple: to make the world a better place. Our contribution to this vision evolved naturally over the last 27 years out of the extraordinary results people derived from our nutritional supplement, Body Balance, created by Founder Wayne Hillman for his wife, Gerri.

Life Force is committed to being a leading edge company that is rooted in family and dedicated to empowering human potential. We place tremendous value in providing an environment where fun, optimism and compassion thrive. These are among just a few of the Core Values that drive each and every decision we make.

We believe that each person possesses the potential to enact positive change in their own life. By drinking Body Balance they are able to positively impact their health; and by engaging in our GotMy3 opportunity they emerge empowered to realize their financially dreams and equipped to help others do the same.

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